CND and Whales

CND! Those were the letters spray painted onto the 5 whales washed up in England. First of all, 5 sperm whales were washed up on the English coast. It is said that all 5 were part of the same sperm whale pod.

People have reacted with a mix of emotions after the 4 or 5 members of possibly the same pod died.

Now, back to the CND issue. So, CND (The Campaign for the Nuclear Disarmament) have taken this opportunity as ‘Fortunate’ and spray painted CND along with a peace sign. Lots of rumours have been going round, some people think CND are at blame for the whales washing up however I think they were just advertising their community.

I honestly think that what they did is disgusting. The whales were already dead and on top of that they spray   painted on their fins as shown below.


Why they did this is beyond me but my closest guess is advertising. Surely could do something different? The whales are already dead and they should respect that. I understand they are promoting non-violence, especially nuclear activity and I really respect that but a DEAD WHALE, REALLY? I don’t know their intentions and I’m not going to accuse them but they should seriously re-think it all.

Now most people are going against CND and I think they are doing a great deed but promoting themselves on a DEAD WHALE is terrible. I have no words. I really thought the CND were good people but after this I need to think a lot differently about them!

This is my argument against CND and I hope they do something about it. If you’re reading this CND, please change your strategy!

This is Haaziq also known as Hasbro signing out!

See ya later.


German Trains in deadly head on crash

In Bavaria Railways a train crashed and an estimated amount of 100 people were injured: 50 seriously. The transport minister released a quote which was saying that the train was travelling at 100 kilometres an hour (62mph).

The head on crash happened on the out skirts of Munich and emergency teams were sent out immediately.


The scene of the crash is close to the Mangfall River in a hilly and densely wooded region. People were being evacuated by boat and by helicopter.

Several hundred emergency services personnel were at the scene. Rescue teams from nearby Austria were also helping, local media said.

In January 2011, 10 people were killed in Saxony-Anhalt when a commuter train collided with a goods train after a driver ran through two signals.

I don’t think it is right that someone didn’t notice that the two trains were going to collide because that then means that people didn’t do their job correctly and that means that the German Railway systems aren’t doing their jobs correctly.

What do you think about it?

By Jack Sherrington

Donald Trump

Donald trump is a wannabe president in America. He says if I am president I will ban Muslims from entering America. Well, I’m a Muslim typing this article. If Donald trump reads this then this is for him. If I come to America and you’re president, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO! Didn’t think that through did you. And why would you want to ban Muslims from America? Give me one good reason why.

I want to be a politician when I’m older. If you are President I’m going to boss you around big time. This is only if you make the rule to ban Muslims from America. You are breaking people’s dreams. Some Muslims do want to go to America. But who do you think you are to ban Muslims from America? Look, I don’t even know why you came up with this ABSURD idea. I don’t like one flipping bit of your idea. Change it please.

By, Haider

The German Train Crash

In Germany 2 trains crashed into each other.

The transport minister said that the 2 trains crashed whilst traveling at around 100km/h! (100 kilometers per hour!)

Nine people died and loads of people were injured and hurt! In fact 100 people were injured, 50 of them were hurt seriously.

The crash happened near Bad Aibling, a spa town about 60km (37 miles) south-east of Munich.

Emergency teams tried as hard as they could to free as many passengers as they could. Some emergency teams came by helicopter so that they could try even harder to free more passengers from up in the sky.

The police said the drivers of both trains and two train guards were among the people that were killed.

Still nobody knows how they crashed into each other so it is still yet to know.

By the best person in the world……..


The Volcano in Japan

The volcano in japan erupted on Saturday 6th February 2016. A lot of people were killed in Japan and some were seriously injured. A lot of houses got destroyed and some people were killed from the ash from the immense explosion. Some people knew about this explosion in Japan. A lot of volcanos are active and they can erupt right now.

There are a lot of volcanos in this world and people are getting killed by the red crimson lava and poisonous ash. Some volcanos are dormant, extinct and active. The lava can go fast or slow and ash can go out in seconds. So an active volcano can erupt just right and it can go over different places. There are 1500 volcanos on earth and they can be in the oceans and there can be a volcanos joined together. The largest volcano is called Mauna Loa in Hawaii. So much people died because of Mauna Loa. Lets hope all volcanos are eventually extinct.

By Sami Khan

Real Madrid Next Season!

Now I now some of you, like a lot of people in the same room as me, will say BOO to this team but that doesn’t stop me from liking it. This year they didn’t do well and their defeat to Barcelona just made it ten times worse. But now they have a new manager called Zinedine Zidane who I think will take them far.

Some people like Barcelona but no offence Real Madrid is way better! I do know that Real Madrid lost to Barcelona in 2015 but now Real Madrid are better and badder. With their new manager they will beat teams like no one’s business and will go head to head with Barcelona for the cup. So all you Real Madrid fans listen out Real Madrid are so ready for the next Season! Every team next season won’t know what hit them!


by, Awesome Adam

Looking Forward to Lightwater Valley!

I’m looking forward to a magnificent trip at the end of Year 5. We will be going to Lightwater Valley to have the time of our lives. Most of the Year 5s are on their best behaviour because of this trip. I have been to Lightwater Valley before but I have never been with school. It is a fun trip where we can celebrate the end of Year 5. It has many rides which are sometimes fun, scary and enjoyable.

When I was younger my favourite ride was Falls Of Terror. It is basically a concept of three water slides and it is really fun. My older brother said that he really enjoyed this trip so judging by his thoughts, I think this trip will be exciting. Many of the teachers will be attending to supervise us.

But this trip will only take place if the whole of Year 5 can be on their best behaviour. I think I’m going to enjoy this trip a lot and it will be the best by far.

By Emaan !